Mar 232018

They are little but not for this less important so for joke we will call them the “Little Fab Four”.They are four small custom components we often see on our beloved arcade PCBs, this post is about the reproductions I made of them.


  • Konami ‘007324’

This is a part we can find on Lethal Enforcers PCB (and maybe other but I never encountered it), as schematics show it’s used to interface data busses of the 63C09E main CPU and its program ROM:

Techically speaking it’s a simple resistor pack.Here’s its reproduction

Testing the repro on its own PCB:




  • Konami ‘005273/005273A’ – Taito ’48CR-1′ – Technos ‘TRJ-001’                  

I put these three together since they have the same function, design and SIL package.They are 10 pin resistors/capacitors array used for inputs.The bigger resistors (from 1K to 10K Ohm) are used as pull-up of the inputs from edge connector, the smaller ones  (10o-200 Ohm) to route the signal to the remaining inputs circuit (which could be simple logics or ASIC).Lastly the capacitors (ceramic, 100-300 nF) are for filtering possible disturbs.

Here are the repro and their installation:


Testing on different PCBs:



Good things come in small packages!

See you all to my next reproduction project.

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  1. Excellent reproduction.
    Only someone like you is capable of doing a brilliant work like that.
    Keep up the good work!

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