Poker Ladies repair log #2

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Mar 062016

After receiving news that Eduardo Cruz had updated the code of the Kabuki Desuicider to support also the final games with eeproms that in the past didn’t work (Super Pang and Poker Ladies), I took my Poker Ladies board to desuicide it.

After reprogramming the Kabuki chip

Foto 05-03-16 12 31 01

I fired up the game but I was welcomed with a bad surprise:

Foto 05-03-16 11 22 27


I had corrupted graphic on some sprites ( title sprite and back side of the cards).

Luckily after locating the 2 chips responsible for the sprites, one of them ( @2J )had internal damage (programmer warned about missing contact on a data line)

The chip was a 1mbit maskrom but 32pin, that means I could do a 1 to 1 change with a programmed 27c1000 or equivalent without any flying wires.

Foto 05-03-16 13 07 54

Problem was 100% fixed

Foto 05-03-16 13 08 25