Oct 122014

I recently came across a nice looking IC that I wanted to try out.
The actual device in question is the AD8400ARZ1 from Analog Devices and is a digital potentiometer that in a narrow SOIC package.
As Im wanting to use this with some Arduino projects I wanted to be able to use it on prototype board which requires a DIP package.
I made a nice small board up in Eagle and am currently waiting on the boards coming from OSHPark. It ended up costing me something like 70p for 3 as they are tiny.

EDIT: Mike kindly pointed out in the comments that I should have checked eBay first. This is a very good point and ive got into the routine of not checking eBay for anything these days but when there are big savings in both time and money to be made then its definitely worth a go.
Thanks Mike for pointing this out. At least there was no great amounts of cash spent on it.

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  1. you should have checked ebay first m8.

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