Jan 162011

Got myself a cheap Saturn with controller, leads and a couple of games so decided to try Sebs switchless mod.
I wont write another guide to this so ill just link to Sebs homepage, the code for the PIC is on the last page.

Note: The motherboard of my Saturn was different so all the JP’s were located in different places, front and back but they all still apply the same.
Sebs Switchless Saturn mod

This mod will also work if you have a modchip fitted and it also works with the hot swap method.

The hot swap is performed by opening the Saturn and placing some tape over the lid switch so it always thinks the lid is closed.
-Power the Saturn up with the backup disc in and wait until the drive access light stops flashing
-quickly remove the backup disc and insert an original, the drive access light with flash 3 times quickly when this happens remove the disc and replace it with the backup.

If you did that correctly the backup will boot and play normally.
When attempting this trick make sure you set the switchless mod to the same region as the backup disc otherwise the game will not boot.

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