Sep 092012

Quite a long time ago I had some more SD2IEC boards made up for the C64.

I hadnt really done anything with them and I had promised id make one up for Stiggy.
Today I finally got around to making one up and im pleased to say it seems to work.
The wires need tidied up a bit but it loaded up a game no problem.

And that was the last of my outstanding projects.

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  2 Responses to “SD2IEC finally assembled”

  1. what Atmega chip is that? seems like a simple board. Can it run JiffyDos?
    Where can i get more info on this board design as there are so many and always updated, its confusing. This one looks like simple enough, or is it?

    • It’s the same design as other sd2iec devices but is a single sided design and does not use an Smt atmega chip. The chip is an atmega 644. Any c64 can be upgraded with jiffydos and the sd2iec makes use of it very nicely

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