Nov 182015

I bought this faulty Point Blank PCB for cheap on Ebay:


Seller said it had graphical corruption and was missing a primary color and sound.When I powered it up I actually had sound but the other two issues were there:


The missing color was the green, tracing the pin 12 solderside back from JAMMA connector I found the culprit : one of the three SMD transistor ( each of which drives a color output) was missing:


Green was so restored :


but graphical troubles were still there.Inspecting the board I found that some pins of the custom C355 were smashed:


This custom handles the motion objects (sprites) and my issue concerned this part of graphics.Having a spare Namco NB-1 board I opted for a replacement of this ASIC :



After some work and pads rebuilding, I ended up with this result:


In this way graphics were completely restored but sprites had jailbairs:


Pressing down the board fixed the issue temporarily, inspecting again the board revealed a liften pin on a TC51832 (62256 compatible)RAM @12R:


Resoldered the pin and board 100% fixed.

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