Nov 212011

Another decent fella from a forum was giving this board away for the price of postage.

Its been a bit quiet lately on the repair front so thought id give myself something to do. Ended up being a really quick and easy fix.
The game booted up and all the sound appeared to be there, it would even coin up but the game could not be started.

Checked pin 17 at the edge connector (Start button) and this was HIGH and it toggled LOW when the start button was pressed. Traced this through to a nearby 74LS245.
The direction pin (1) was held low connected to ground and because the ENABLE pin was pulsing it was pretty difficult to see if the inputs on the B side of the Bus were making any difference to the A side outputs. I piggybacked a new 245 onto it and the game could now be played. I desoldered it and replaced the chip, all is now working. Shame the game is utter crap!

I also took the opportunity to dump the unprotected PAL16L8. I’ve converted it to GAL and tested it. There is a PAL16R6 on there too which ill get around to doing sometime but the board is of typical bootleg quality and a bit of a pain.

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