Sep 102014

Tired of all the (bad engineered) Pang bootlegs I have had in the past, I bought this mint not working original one:


As you know Pang is one of the CAPCOM Pre-CPS games that use a battery to supply power to a RAM that holds a decryption table. This table is the key to decrypting the encrypted program stored in the board’s ROMs.When the battery runs out, this table goes away and the program code can no longer be decrypted so the board stops working.And, since the board is manifactured in 1989 and mid lifespan of a battery is 3-4 years, nowadays most of  the Pang boards suffer from this issue.

Powered up my board, I got this static brown screen, clear symptom that also my board ‘suicided’:



For  some years it’s possible to revive this (and others) board  thanks to the work of Tim from Arcadecollecting.Infact I followed the instructions on his site (keep only attention to use the proper ROM set specific for your game revision):

and I could add a full working original Pang PCB to my collection:



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