Mar 162016

Today we have some new PAL dumps.

In the past days ‘coolmod’ posted on Dumping Union list dumps of PALs from a Ray Force (single layer PCB version) ,they were obtained from two PALCE (and tested on same devices) and a PAL16L8 (then  converted and tested in GAL16V8 format).

Joachim Puster sent me dump from a The End PCB.Device was a PAL14H4, I converted it to GAL16V8 and he succesfullly tested it on board.He sent also dumps from a Gunlock PCB (ROM board PCB version), they are in native PAL format (two PAL16L8 and one PAL20V8H).

Thanks to both for these contributions.

As for me, I dumped the two PALs from a bootleg of Legend of Hero Tonma.

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