Mar 042016

After fixing a couple of Pac Man PCB’s recently, the owner of them very kindly let me keep one of the boards. The only problem was it had been stripped of the ROM’s and customs.
Now the customs are no longer a problem for me but the ROM’s are of the 2532 variety and I only have a couple of them free.

As luck would have it user ‘philmurr’ on the UKVAC forums has made a nice little drop in replacement that fits in the Z80 socket and lets you use a single 27c128 EPROM in place of the 4 x 2532 program ROM’s.
I got it today, assembled and fitted it without issues.

Game plays as you would expect.

A couple of caveats. There are a few wire link mods needed to the PCB due to an error but these are well documented in the instructional PDF and the boards are so nicely priced that it really doesn’t matter too much, at least not to me.
The other potential issue is that if your PCB is fitted with the TTL custom replacements then this board just isn’t going to work for you as the custom covers the original Z80 socket.

Really happy with this so thanks to Phil.

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