Jul 162017

Today we have some new PAL dumps from the following PCBs:

  • Bubble Bobble prototype.

The board has been acquired by MAME Dev team and dumped by ‘brizzo’ which provided also binary dump of the PAL @IC19, thanks to them.I took care of reversing it in a GAL16V8 fuse map.The PAL is present also on Tokio PCB since the prototype run on this hardware.Dump is untested for now.

  • Victory Road

Dumps in native PAL format have been provided by Kevin Eshbach on Dumping Union, thanks to him.These for now are marked as “assumed working” until further test will be done on PCB.

  • Over Drive

I dumped the two PALs from this Konami racing game and successfully tested them on GAL16V8 targeting devices.

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