Jun 082015

In the past days me and Porchy were contacted by José G. (JP-Retro ,JOSÉ GONÇALVES E PAULO SOUSA Group).They are a group of  “aficionados” of Olivetti Prodest PC1, a vintage home computer released in the 1988.You can read more about it  here:


There is a Facebook group as well:


He asked us for some help to reverse some secured PLDs (PAL16L8) present on the motherboard of  his Olivetti Prodest PC1-DFD (double FDD version) :

Olivetti Prodest PC1-DFD

So, we suggested him to build a simple adapter (designed by Charles MacDonald, all credits to him) to read them as 27C020 EPROM in a regular  programmer:


He succeeded to get the proper binay 256KB dumps so we took care to analyze them and reverse their equations into GAL16V8 replacement devices.Dumps have been successfully tested by José G.

Thanks to him and long live to the Olivetti Prodest PC1!


There is a third PAL to be dumped and reversed , this one comes from the HDD version of Olivetti Prodest PC1:

Olivetti Prodest PC1-HD

Chip is on the way to be delivered to José G. so stay tuned for further update.

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