Apr 132024

I’m introducing a new section of JAMMArcade.net that I believe will be very useful for arcade repair technicians – the Arcade PCB Encyclopedia.

I have long admired the Console 5 Wiki as a comprehensive source of information for video game consoles. A typical console page will have a capacitor list, describe common faults, and collect manufacturer white papers. The JAMMArcade.net Arcade PCB Encyclopedia will attempt to accomplish the same thing for arcade boards.

My goal is to eventually document the following information in one page each for most arcade boards:

  • High quality photos of the boards – both originals and bootlegs
  • Notable ICs and their function
  • Capacitor list
  • Common faults and solutions to those faults
  • Protection mechanisms
  • Schematics and Datasheets
  • Links to other reference resources on the Internet

Given the number of arcade games produced, it may take several years to assemble these resources for every game, but I want to at least start with the most popular and most documented ones.

The Encyclopedia launches today with information on three boards and I will try to write up 1 – 2 more each week – each one takes a while to research!

I highly value credit for the original researchers and strive for proper attribution. Please contact me if you notice any mistakes in the Encyclopedia entries and I welcome other contributors as well.

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