Jan 292012

Today I added 4 new PAL dumps.
The first 3 are from a CPS2 motherboard and are labelled as follows:

These were taken from a non working motherboard and dumped using the ABI. They are untested at this point as Im not removing the pals from a known good motherboard to test so if you use these please let me know if they work or not.

The next one is something Ive been working on for a while and have put quite a lot of effort into.
It from a Sega ST-V motherboard and is labelled 315-5833.
Again, I am marking this as untested. I have tested it successfully with my 3 games which are Die Hard Arcade, Winter Heat and VF Kids. It also works with the Modbios.

Please test this one out as much as you can and let me know how it works.
Im pretty sure that it wont work with any add-on hardware but im also sure that all of that stuff came with a replacement GAL.

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