May 072016

There are not only PALs on our beloved PCBs but also bipolar PROMs!

A bipolar ROM or briefly BPROM (“BIPOLAR” stands for the transistor technology used in the manufacturing process) is a OTP memory device, which can be programmed just once and hence the data programmed can never be erased.They were used for various tasks: address decoding, state machines, and video colour palettes, for example.Like every electronic part they can fail and nowadays obtaining a blank device is really hard and expensive.And even if you find it, your EPROM programmer  probably doesn’t support BPROMs as they are obsolete parts.

Someone replace them with EPROMs mounted in a custom adapter but we chose GAL devices as replacement since most of times there is no need of adaptation (if you program them in the right way, obviously).Besides, GAL devices are really common and inexpensive.Last but not the least, they can have fast access times like BPROMs require.So,today we open a new archive for GAL replacements of bipolar PROMs, you can find it under the menu ‘PLD Archive’ on main page.I hope you will enjoy it and contribute to its growth.


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  1. Thumbs up!!!

  2. this is just awesome,hyper,mega,fanfookintastic 🙂

  3. Awesome! Feel welcome to upload these as well (link to zip near the bottom) };-P

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