May 252019

Received from Portugal a faulty Nemesis PCB for repair, actually a conversion from Konami GT on GX400 hardware.Set is made of a CPU board :

And a VIDEO board :

The game was full playbale with sound but the graphics were glitched as there were jail bars all over the screen:

The fault was obviously located on the bottom VIDEO board therefore first of all I ruled out all the custom ICs by swapping them in a good board, they were all OK.Then I focused on a couple of rows of 4164 dynamic RAMs (some were already replaced) :

They are 64K x 1-bit devices, here’s pinout :

On this board they are used as sprite line buffer like schematics show :

I went to probe them with my scope and I found one with an unhealthy signal on data output pin (good signal for comparison on left of below picture)  :

It was the chip @5H which I prompty removed and replaced with a good one :

This fixed the issue and board competely.Repair accomplished.

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