Feb 212012

I was contacted a few weeks ago with regards to dumping a PAL from a Namco PCB. The PAL is labelled SYS2V-2.
The chip arrived yesterday from Italy and it turned out to be the most difficult PAL16L8 to dump yet.
The output from the ABI was fairly unusable as it produced FAR too many product terms for some of the pins and would not compile.
Most of the pins were fairly easy to figure out from the listing but pin 12 was a little bit crazy. After a night with the logic analyser hooked up to it I had something that was almost the same in my simulation as what the real chip did. There was one state that did not match up but I emailed the .JED files anyway to see if I was anywhere near. Well so far so good as 2 of the games it was tested on seem to work now.
Although I cant test this myself Im hopeful its OK and its on my download list now.

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