Nov 022013

Today I got a chance to test out the two new conversions from Darksoft.
First is Knights of Valor: The Seven Spirits.
Never heard of this game before.
It plays really well and I really enjoyed it. Once again I couldn’t see any issues with the conversion.

Second up is Guilty Gear X 1.5
I already own this game a couple of time over for the NAOMI so not too excited about this release but that’s not really the point of this project.
I had a little issue to start with as I must of netbooted the game half way through something else going on. The game only booted to the test screen and couldn’t start the game. I tried netbooting again after that and the game worked perfectly.

I’m really liking this project, its not only bringing games to my attention that I never knew existed but its also allowing me to play them.
Please, if you like these conversion them please donate a little something to Darksoft if you can. If you aren’t able to give anything then just leave a comment on his site to let him know its appreciated.

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