Oct 282013

channelmaniac contacted me a couple of weeks ago looking for a dump of the PAL16L8 chip from a Mortal Kombat sound PCB.
I didnt have it so asked about and luckily Asure had one on his workbench in the Netherlands which he was allowed to send to me for dumping.
The label for Mortal Kombat is A-5346-40025-9

Asure also sent me. among others, the PAL chip from an NBA Jam sound board. This is labelled A-16422. Turns out this chip is identical in behaviour to the Mortal Kombat one. For this reason ive labelled the dump as being for “Midway T-Unit sound board”

channelmaniac has confirmed this dump is working.

Thanks to Asure for providing this.
Seriously good effort here on behalf of everyone involved. Good to see everyone helping each other.

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