Sep 032015

Got this board as fully working

Foto 30-08-15 09 30 31

I immediately noticed some problems on the sprites


Foto 31-08-15 18 15 10

Transparent objects and shadows were solid and some sprites had glitches

Konami maskroms are known to be unreliable so I ran immediately the maskrom test reveling that rom @25g was faulty.

Foto 31-08-15 18 18 23


Before desoldering I checked also the custom underneath which sometims has pins lifted but it was good.

Upon a close inspection I saw some rust on 3 pins of the maskrom @25g which in my opinion could be the reason of the fault

Foto 31-08-15 18 10 14


Therefore I decided to desolder it and resolder a 27c160 programmed with the correct file



Foto 03-09-15 22 48 03



Board 100% fixed

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