Mar 292015

First of all, my apologies for the kilometric title but this seems be the correct one according to MAME which has emulated this game after my dumps ­čÖé

A friend of mine sent me this Battle Garegga bootleg PCB for a repair :


saying it had bad sound.Infact it was scratchy and noisy:

Besides, sometimes it muted completely.Regarding this last issue, I traced it to a bad YM2151 FM (actually a rebadged version marked ‘PD2001’) sound synthesis chip, once replaced it I got no more mutings.As for noisy sound, connecting┬áthe analog output (PIN12) of the YM3012 DAC (a ‘KA3002’ rebadged chip also here) to an external amplifier revealed that sound came out distorted.

Replaced it fixed the sound completely

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