Nov 052010

I’m a big supporter of the preservation of old software and hardware and have been following the development of the Kryoflux device for quite some time. For anyone that is not aware of the Kryoflux device:

KryoFlux is an advanced software-programmable FDC (Floppy Disk Controller) system that runs on small and cheap ARM7-based devices and connects to a host PC over the ubiquitous USB connector. It reads (and in the future, will write) flux transitions from floppy disks at a very fine resolution. KryoFlux can read data with no regard for what disk format or copy protection a disk may contain, and it can also read disks originally written with different (and even varying) bit cell widths and drive speeds, with a normal fixed-speed drive.

Last week they finally released the first batch of devices for order and ordered one 5 minutes later.
It came today and its a very neat piece of hardware.


Ive not used this on anything exciting just yet, only a PC floppy disk. Im off to R3PLAY in Blackpool tomorrow so wont have much time to experiment but I shall post more info when Ive learnt how to use it properly.

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