Aug 052015

Some days ago Dragos sent us some pictures of his Konami hybrid sound modules reworking.As most of you already know, this customs are used in many Konami arcade games.Specifically the ‘054986A’ is used on Lethal Enforcers, G.I. Joe, Metamorphic Force, Run & Gun, Premiere Soccer, Bucky O’ Hare, Violent Storm, Monster Maulers, Martial Champion, Mystic Warriors, Gaiapolis and Wild West C.O.W. Boys of Moo Mesa while the ‘054544’ is present on X-men and Xexex.A common fault on these customs concerns the SMT electrolytic capacitors that after some time start to leak ‘eating’ traces of the module.What Dragos did was to literally ‘undress’ the modules by removing the black paint using this paint stripper (that you can find in your country under a different name) :

revealing in this way all the traces and connections on top and bottom layer.Needless to say that this is really useful for everyone who wants to troubleshoot the modules.But, here are the pictures for a better understanding.Let’s start with the ‘054544’:





A nice black repaint is what it takes after a recap…


Here is below the ‘054986A’ in all its glory:

054986A_0 054986A_2

Above, a close up of jumper wires needed to patch some broken connections


In the picture above you can see the ‘054986A’ top layer exposed.The small IC on the bottom left between the two 10uF 16V capacitors is a 78L05 voltage regulator (SOT-89 package) which powers the 4558 OP-AMP and  the AD1868 DAC on the underneath of the module

78L05 (SOT-89)


Now Konami hybrid sound modules have no more secrets!Thanks again to Dragos.

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  6 Responses to “Konami hybrid sound modules ‘undress’”

  1. Very good information! Could you please share with us how the paint was removed ?

  2. Excellent work !
    I only had schematics for the capacitors side, now it’s complete, thank you very much
    I started to do the same for the Kaneko I/O MC-1901 (B rap Boys, Mille miglia, …), mine is broken in 2 parts 🙁
    I don’t think I can repair but I’ll send photos when cleaned

    • All credits to Dragos.Yes, there are also other arcade systeam that use customs in similar package .
      Next step would be to reverse engineering them in order to design a proper replacement.

  3. Most awesome caius, many thanks to you and especially Dragos!!

    Did he measure the the caps on the underside of the module as well?

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