Apr 282011

Got a box of broken boards from a guy on the Jamma+ forums.
Included are:
Rastan Saga – white screen
Hot Shots Tennis – constantly resets
Mortal Kombat – messed up controls
Seibu Soccer (Seibu) – no sound, very low
Karate Champ – non jamma pinout, looks clean though
Taito F3 Motherboard – no game to test it
X-Men Vs Streetfighter – Working
Sega STV Titan Motherboard + Die Hard Arcade – games dont load
Two Crude – all the ROMs are missing
Street Fighter 2 – bootleg – intermittently working
Another Street Fighter 2 bootleg – Dead, all roms and rams are dead, not worth fixing

The X-Men vs Streetfighter board is fully working and even has a working battery.
The SF2 bootleg is intermittently working, looks like the M5 bootleg.
All the other boards have the fault the guy stated.
Im pretty pleased with this lot.

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