Aug 092012

Whilst sorting out some CPS2 stuff the other day I found a BGSB3E PAL in a Street Fighter Alpha. I didn’t have this in my list so dumped it. It was actually unprotected so its a proper dump and has been converted for use on a GAL16V8 device and tested.

Also, whilst looking into a potential bad dump (turned out to be fine!), I found 2 other PAL’s in a Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo board They are found on the daughter board and are labelled:
BGSG1 and BGSG2.

BGSG1 is linked to the sound, without it it plays some SFX choppy and the music is a mess
BGSG2 is graphics related and gives jailbars and messed up sprite priority when removed.

Both are dumped and have been tested.

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