Aug 072016

Today we have a big Irem PLD update.

The user ‘frsj8112′ sent in dumps from Hammerin’ Harry (M84 hardware) and Pound for Pound (M85 hardware).The two from Hammerin’ Harry are specific to this game and located on M84-C-B board (the middle one) while The Pound for Pound ones are two on CPU board (the middle one) and one on video board (the top one with scratched off customs).All dumps have been successfully tested on GAL16V8 targeting devices.

Besides, he tested on his Hammerin’ Harry PCB the PALs from our archive ‘’ we got from unknown source and found that the one named ‘m84-c-3a_ic8.jed’ is the correct one for this board and it’s unique to this game while  the one name ‘m84-a-2h_ic5.jed’ is the same over all the different M84 games.The ones @5L and 7D should be different from game to game.

He also reported feedback on BPROMs.According his tests the bipolar PROM @C37 on M82-B-A VIDEO board can be found also on M84 and M85 hardware although at different location and with different labels.Here’s a reference table fo this BPROM:

  • M72: IC66  (to be verified)
  • M81: IC72  (verified)
  • M82: IC37  (verified)
  • M84: IC21  (verified)
  • M85: IC5   (verified)

Thanks again to ‘frsj8112’ for his work.

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