Jun 182017

We have some new Irem M92 PAL dumps.I dumped the registered device from a Gunforce II PCB (on ‘M92-B-G’ ROM board).This is actually present also on Superior Soldiers ROM board at same location and with same label.Then I found that this PAL is found also on In the Hunt/Kaitei Deisensou ‘M92-E-B’ ROM board with different label.I dumped also the two PALs from a genuine R-Type Leo : the one  ‘marked M92-C-2L-‘ @IC7 is found also on Lethal Thunder/Thunder Blaster (same label and same location) and other M92 games too (but with different label and location).The other (labeled ‘M92-C-7H-C’ @IC43)  is specific to R-Type Leo only.These dumps gave me also the chance to reorganize all Irem M92 dumps merging shared dumps and removing unneeded entries.

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