Mar 182019

Received from Portugal a cocktail version PCB of Indiana Jones, a real “holy grail” given its rarity.The peculiarity is that it runs on a different hardware than usual Atari System 1.Board is a two stack one made of a ‘main’ PCB :

And a ‘cartridge’ PCB :

All I got when I powered it up was a flashing ‘NO CARTRIDGE’ message on screen, watchdog was active and board resetting in an endless loop:

I started my troubleshooting with some preliminary things like reseating chips and ribbon cables.This worked in some way because it shutted down the watchdog and put the board in a static red screen :

Despite this state I was able to enter into TEST mode and perform all checks that were successfully carried except for the sound test which failed reporting this error :

The sound CPU is a 6502 located on cartridge PCB:

I replaced it with a good one and board booted into game.All seemed to be working fine, game was full playable but in a comparison with MAME I found that speeches were missing on my board

Here is how it should play:

I went into TEST mode and launched again a sound test.Music chip (YM2151) and Effects chip (POKEY) were tested good whereas the Speech chip test was silent:

The Speech chip is a Texas Instruments TMS5520:

Most of pins were inactive so,having a spare I replaced it but with no luck.Looking at schematics the TMS5520 exchanges data with the SY6522A (VIA, Versatile Interface Adapter)

I could not see anything else involved in the fault so I ordered the part which came into mail after some time:

I installed it and speeches were restored, board 100% fixed.Repair accomplished.

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  1. This 2-stack board set is the same set used in RoadBlasters Cockpits. It’s smaller footprint allows for it to fit, in places a normal system1 stack could not.

    If you look up video on the RoadBlasters Cockpit board, everything lines up, with the board you photographed.
    This is interesting, because it means you could theoretically run any System 1 game, off the smaller board stack, with the right Slapstick, and romset.
    RoadBlaster Cockpit boards, are also obscenely difficult to find, so they may not be of any help, other than reproducing the main PCB, to reduce the size/issues of the normal system1 setup.

    Something to keep in mind anyhow.

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