Oct 072011

I recently won a Commodore 128 on eBay. It had no power supply and was therefore “untested”. In eBay terms this means its broken.
I know I shouldn’t have tried but in my haste I attempted to use my C64 supply. This resulted in one dead C64 power supply.
As the original C64 supply is pretty poor and a C128 supply is impossible to find for a decent price I thought I would build my own.
For a total cost of around £35 I bought a 5v power supply and a 9VAC transformer. Both of these are massively overspecced compared to the original and they will both fit into the case of my old “lightweight” Amiga power supply case.
I used the old Amiga lead as the connector for the C128 and reused the C64 lead from my newly burnt out supply to give me 2 separate outputs and it is capable of running both at the same time with room to spare.

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