Mar 282015


Minor fix.

Text references 8C instead of 19E when sub-cpu EPROM fails checksum.

Fixed output to reference 19E.

Support for Venus set added.
Bug fix – Addresses issue when 13J reports bad and prints NG twice, CPU gets lost and crashes game.

Support added for bootleg ROM from the gyrussb set.
Single ROM labelled “1” at 11J. Other two ROMs are from the original Konami set.
See downloads for update.


Bug: Sometimes index starts at 5 or some other random value when entering SFX TEST for the first time after power-up. The sound index is written/read to/from $9000 for cycling through 100 possible combinations.
Fix: Cleared this part of RAM before using it.

1. Added flip to test cocktail mode.
2. Summary added to menu screen of dip switch settings

3. Added routines to check the stack ram @ 3J before moving on to further tests. Since the stack is used to perform further HW testing, execution is now suspended if a stack error is detected with an associated error message.
4. Diagnostic mode added via dip 2 of DSW3. Allows for testing sounds and inputs.
See downloads for update.

Minor update.
1. Re-wrote much of the code up until where it verifies the work RAM. Purged CPU instructions that rely on the reliability of the the stack which is set to 0x9800 in the work RAM. ( work RAM is verified as good first before using the stack )

2. Background is set to yellow instead of black if video RAM at 5J is bad. This is to assist in troubleshooting. A sound effect  is also played when 5J is detected as bad to add redundancy in case none of the light brown colour shows up on the screen.

3. Fixed the boot to As issue. When 13J is pulled it now reports as bad. This was fixed by addressing the issues resolved in 1.

* When GY5 is pulled “KONAMI1 NOT RESPONDING” is displayed with no additional information. An additional message should be added to point out a problem with either the CPU, ROM or RAM on the 6809 side. The above is also reproduced by removing the 42 pin custom CPU. Random sprites are also present.

To do: Fix above mentioned bugs.
See downloads for the latest version


Gyruss Test & Diagnostics ROM.

The 27C64 EPROM installs at 14J on the CPU board. It performs a series of RAM & ROM tests to identify any problems & will attempt to boot the game once tests are completed regardless of failures found. The EPROM can stay in the socket and it does not interfere with the game in any way once the game starts.

Use at your own risk if you’re using the highscore kit, this will delete your scores as it will performs a series of writes to the NVRAM.

I would like to thank cmonkey & DarrenF on KLOV for providing valuable information & help regarding the hardware. I would also like to thank the MAME team for their great work on the emulator and the Gyruss driver, without these cool debugging features in MAME development of this ROM would not have been possible.

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  1. This is looking awesome so far! Keep up the great work dude! 🙂

  2. Thanks for your comments. I have uploaded the latest version to the downloads section in order to address bugs in relation to the way I was handling RAM errors for 5J. Should look a lot cleaner now.

  3. Nice work 🙂

    – Ben

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