May 292016

In the past days Seb reported some bugs in the Golden Axe (317-0121) Japanese decrypted ROM set. Bugs manifest in this way (his words)

When you let turn demo few minutes and launch game, the second enemy of the first level doesn’t appear and you can’t moving forward. Else if you launch game directly after power up the pcb there is no issue.
Besides, in two players game mode, when player one die and stop to play, the game freeze. I saw this bug at last level and can’t confirm this appear in all level.

Thanks to Seb for his feedback.

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  3 Responses to “Golden Axe (317-0121) bugs reported”

  1. Fixed set is available, could you test it and report if everything’s fixed ? Thanks !

    • I already informed the person who reported the bugs, he will try the fixed set and let me know ASAP.Thanks again for looking into this.

  2. He just told me he tested your fixed set and all the bugs are gone.Brilliant job, Ruinik!

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