Jul 272017

Recently I’ve been working on some Windows based software to use the Data I/O 29 series programmers.
Its coming along well and I have a few people willing to test things out for me which has been great as its a pretty tedious task of trying things out and reporting back, rinse and repeat.
I captured a small video showing some progress.

The programmer itself isn’t all that hard to interface with as most of it is just issuing commands which are all outlined in the manual but there are a couple of things to deal with when it comes to uploading a file to the programmer.
I’ve also been collecting ID codes for programmers and modules so I can auto detect programmer and more importantly the module that is fitted. This allows me to auto populate a device list.
Ive tested this using a cheap USB to serial adapter and its been working fine.

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  2 Responses to “Datalink – Data I/O 29 Remote Control software”

  1. I own a Data I/O 212 and I would love to use this program with it.

    Especially if it can connect using just a cheap USB to serial connection.

  2. Great job as always Porchy, if only I had a Data I/O 29. I don’t suppose you want the buy the Stag System 3000 programmer currently on ebay and port the dos only software to windows do you? lol.

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