Jan 102011

I got my hands on this very rare and expensive game today.
Although this game is a conversion and not original it still normally has a high asking price and this one was no exception!
I initially tested the board and found it wasn’t a Phoenix but it uses another set of decrypted code, this looks like it is already in MAME so I wont dump it.
Inside, all the GFX ROM’s are now 27C322 EPROMs and there is a small wiring mod too.
(Apologies for the picture quality here)

Im not sure if this mod makes the conversion work or if it is part of a repair, I cannot see any signs of track damage so ill assume its part of the conversion.

Being a conversion, the game also didn’t have a label. I have a decent scan of the label from Progear both the Asia and Jap versions so I printed one off and it now looks much better.

The game works just fine and is probably the closest I’m going to get to owning this game, a genuine Capcom release goes for a lot of money.

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