Dec 072014

As I get more experienced and learn new things in programming I like to go back and update my programs to test things out.
After many unreleased version updates and the end of 2014 approaching I’ve finally got to a point where I think an update is due.

Here is version 3.3.2 if BINman.
For those that aren’t familiar with it, I originally wrote this program in 2012 to allow me to quickly byteswap and interleave ROM files. Since then I’ve been adding to it as I needed the extra functionality.
There isn’t a great deal new here but the code has been overhauled quite a lot and is hopefully bug free.
There is also a basic hex viewer now too. It is basic but ive wanted to include one for a while now and here it is.

I hope other find this as useful as I do.
This requires the latest .NET to run (v4.5)

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