Jul 072019

Today I’ve uploaded the latest version on my BINman software to v4.5.0
The main addition here is the inclusion of Fluke 9010 signatures to the checksum area.
Not only does it have support for the 8 bit signatures it also supports the 16 bit signatures.
For 16 bit signatures, it will only support single files so if your hardware has the files across 2 EPROM’s then these will need interleaved or whatever is required to merge them.


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  6 Responses to “BINman software update”

  1. You figured out how the 68000 pod calculates rom checksums? that’s huge! Great work.

  2. Just downloaded this and Avast Free Antivirus detected it as a threat called IDP.Generic?

    • hi,
      I’ve just ran this through Virustotal and it comes back with 0 on the virus list. Use hash 4f155d7b38e10c7f4ee08c36bfae535e20ff7d5f29f1de801bd38cf0f3cdd99e to see for yourself.

      If your not happy about it then please don’t use the software

  3. That’s awesome about the 16 bit checksums kudos galore from here };-P

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