Oct 292017

Today we have a massive update.Dumps came from the following PCBs:

  • Athena bootleg

Porchy dumped the PALs from a copy board and successfully tested dumps back on board.Corrado Tomaselli confirmed dumps are working also on the original PCB.Devices were all unsecured (two PAL16L8 and one PAL20L8) and they have been reversed into GAL devices (for the 24 pin one both GAL20V8 and GAL22V10 replacement available).Thanks again to both them.


  • Cyberball (prototype with serial #0002)

Dumps were provided by ‘coolmod’ on Dumping Union list from an early revision/protoype of board.Devices were all unsecured PAL16L8.We mark them as “assumed working” since we have no means of testing GAL replacements.Thanks to him.


  • Locked ‘n Loaded 

256KB binary PAL dumps provided by Smitdogg on Dumping Union from a faulty board.I reversed them into GAL fuse map which we mark as ‘untested’ until testing on a working PCB will be done.Thanks to him.


  • Gokidetor (a mechanical wack a mole type game by Taito)

Dumps provided by Smitdogg on Dumping Union, devices were all unsecured.We mark them as “assumed working” for now.Thanks to him.


  • Bobble Bobble (bootleg of Bubble Bobble)

I dumped  and reversed into GALs the three PALs from this one layer bootleg.All dumps matches the two layer version (dumped by Porchy some time ago) except for one which has slightly different equations.


  • Tecmo World Cup ’94

Board has six PALs but I was able to dump and reverse into GAL only the one @U64.


  • Pipe Dream

I dumped the PLDs from a dead board.Out of four devices present one was registered so not dumpable.Dumps are untested for now until we can test them on a working board.

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