Feb 252018

My friend was wanting to backup an old BBC Micro cassette tape that he believed had a game on it his grandad had made. The tape was marked up as “The Wizards Mountain”

I’d never backed up a cassette tape before and I didn’t even own a tape player anymore.
I originally tried buying a really cheap and nasty portable tape player

This was a total disaster and I kept getting inconsistent reads on various parts but between several reads I had what looked like a complete good read.
Using the ‘BBCTAPEDISC’ program I was able read the data directly from the ‘line-in’ source and it also gave a live update on each block recovered so I could see what was failing.

I originally tried stitching different parts together to make a good file but I just couldn’t get it to work properly so I asked around to see if I could borrow a better tape player. Fairly quickly I ended up with this

This gave me an almost perfect read first time. I ended up with a disc image instead of a tape image but thats fine with me as it loads faster.
The outcome is a text adventure game that appears to have been made with GAC.

Its actually a nice story which I still need to finish once I get some time but we are both really happy to have this saved.

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