May 212017

Another Konami PCB on the bench!

Picked-up this Asterix PCB in a recent operatot raid:

Board was physically damaged, one part of PCB was litterally missing and the nearby 16Mbit MASK ROM was cracked in half:

The affected part was not a vital section of circuit (but only a spare room for not used additional MASK ROMs) so board still booted but sprites were missing.If I pressed the ‘053245’ ASIC they came back but garbled and blocky:

For first I reflowed some bent pins of the ‘053245’ sprites generator:

Then I replaced the broken 16Mbit MAS ROM @3K with a compatible 27C160 :

This improved things but not still perfect :

The MASK ROMs check complained about the other device containing sprites data (the one @7K)

Like said in my previous Parodius DA! repar log, this doesn’t necessarily imply that IC is faulty but also that it cannot be reached  by the device which wants to read/write it.Address bus is shared among the two MASK ROMs @3K and 7K, doing a check with my muktimeter all was fine except for pin 42 of both, I got no continuity between them :

Pin 42 is the higher address line:

I simply ran a jumper wire, this restored sprites and fixed completely the board:

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