May 122015

Today it’s time to do some PAL updates.

Our finest contributor ‘coolmod’ sent in dumps of two¬†unprotected devices (PAL16L8 and PAL20L8) from a Galmedes PCB (which runs on TAITO Bonze Adventure hardware). I took care of converting them to GAL format (both GAL20V8 and GAL22V10 conversions available of the PAL20L8)¬†and he successfully tested them on his board. Thank again to him for this contribution.

Today I received a Gaplus PCB and tried both the MAME dump and the one on our database but neither worked so I dumped device (there is no part name but it should be a PAL16L8) from my board. Dump is tested and working in a GAL16V8 targeting device.

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