Dec 012011

Its been a good week for repairs this week. Got Jimbob’s Amiga 4000 here which would constantly reset with any RAM in bank 0 and would not detect any RAM at all with bank 0 empty.

The board has had some repair work done before but its been done to an excellent standard. The new SIMM sockets looked flawless so that was my first suspicion down the pan. I checked the on board battery which was showing the first signs of “furring” on the contact. The battery was completely dead so I replaced this while I had the board out. There doesn’t look like there has been any battery leakage but I cleaned up the area anyway just in case.

With a bit of internet searching and a bit of probing I found a knackered 74F245 transceiver at location U891. I ordered some up and replaced it.

Fired up the unit and checked the free RAM

Played a game of Blood Money for good measure.

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