Sep 292012

It has recently been found out that on B boards 93646B-3 and 93646B-4 there is a suspected routing error for one of the pins from PAL 3.
This means that if you are doing a game conversion using on of these B boards, you cannot natively use the BGSB3G PAL chip, you will have to either lift pin 9 of the PAL and solder a wire to C13 of connector CN3 or use PAL BGSB3F, lift pin 7 and solder a wire to C13 of connector CN3.

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  4 Responses to “A note on CPS2 conversions”

  1. hi! i had this problem when i tried to make a conversion of a street zero 2 alpha on childrem childrem of atom board, image ok, but the sound was quickly and all wrong, may be this post the solucion?

  2. Confirmed !
    i got doubt about incompatibility on somes revisions
    i’ve done an progear no arashi conversion on a 93646B-4 revision board and got somes stranges sounds. I was at first thinking about an bad eprom program or my homemade G pal but no.
    So i swapped eprom to another board (vampire hunter) which worked
    BTW, vampire hunter is in a 93646B-4 board now and working perfectly,since it got an F pal

    thanks for the tip !

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