May 052012

I was recently sent a big archive of PAL dumps by a nice guy called Luiskiko.
here is a list of games included:
Arabian Magic
Black Tiger bootleg
Cabal bootleg
Captain Commando bootleg
Choplifter bootleg
Cobra Command bootleg
Final Fight bootleg
Ghosts and Goblins bootleg
Gladiator bootleg
Hard Head bootleg
Jackie Chan
Mortal Kombat bootleg
Mustang bootleg
Mutant Fighter
New Fantasy
Prehistoric Isle
Prisoners of War
Punisher bootleg
Rastan bootleg
Shinobi bootleg
Super Burger Time
Super Shanghai
Terra Cresta
Tetris bootleg
Toki – Juju
Tokio bootleg

As there is so many ill be posting them up 1 game at a time
I have not tested any of these, please let me know if you use any of them and thanks again to Luiskiko

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