Aug 052014

Got today in the mail this mint original Konami X-Men PCB bought as faulty:


Once fired up I got this:


So, RAM/ROM test reported a bad IC @37F but this was not the real location of the IC since there was no location 37F on PCB.So, clearly there was some trouble in the tilemap generation, this was confirmed by the word “BAD” which became “BCF”.So,  I launched MAME:



and, comparing the emulator and real PCB test results screens,  I could identify that the faulty IC reported by test was the Panasonic MN4464 (6264 compatible) SRAM @ 15F

This confirmed my theory about bad generation of tilemaps since this SRAM is used by the near ‘052109’ ASIC (tilemap generator).

So, time to desolder the IC and test it out of circuit corfirmed the RAM as bad:



Fitted a socket and a spare 6264 SRAM and I could add also this cool game to my growing collection!



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  2 Responses to “X-Men repair log #1”

  1. How do you go about using mame to pin point your problems?

  2. Hi, pardon, I express myself bad in the repair log, I just corrected it.I simply compared the MAME and PCB screens of the RAM/ROM test so I could identify what was the right location of the bad RAM on my board.MAME is a good bench test for any arcade repair.

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