Mar 192017

Got this X-Men PCB for a repair :

As often happens on Konami boards that use hybrid audio module (the ‘054544’ in this case) audio was horribly scratchy and loud:

Electrolytic capacitors  had already been replaced with same type but this obviously was not enough:

So, I removed the module from PCB and decided to fully service it:

I replaced with new parts the 4558 OP-AMP (I used a compatible LM358) and the AD1868 DAC as well:

At same time I reinforced some poor connections  :

Lastly, as icing on the cake, I varnished with black laquer :

As always I do, I installed on PCB a couple of 1.778mm female round machine-tooled strips.This was the final result:

Time to test :

Job done.


For the uninitiated, the ‘054544’ module has been reproduced, you can read more about on these threads:

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