Jan 282016

Some days ago I had on the bench this Wolf Fang: Kuhga 2001 PCB (known outside Japan as “Rohga – Armor Force”) , a good-looking horizontally scrolling shoot ’em up manufactured by Data East in the 2001 :


When I powered it up, I was greeted by this screen.


It was a clear lack on SYNC signal confirmed also by a measurement with a frequency counter on pin 13 solderside of the JAMMA connector.So, given the absence of schematics, I started to trace back the signal with a multimeter but couldn’t find where it was generated.Visually inspecting the board I found a suspicious crack over a trace :


My multimeter confirmed the trace was really severed.After patching it, the SYNC signal was restored but there were jailbairs on the sprites:


Sprites are stored in some 42 pin MASK ROMs :


I visually inspected the area and found another broken trace on solderside which lead to a data line of these MASK ROMs:


I promptly patched it with some AWG30 wire:


and sprites were restored:


But after this I realized that sound was missing at all.Diverting the audio signal to an external amplifier, I could hear both music and sounf FXs but there was no output from the TA8205AH amplifier on PCB :


So I decided to remove and replace it but , as for my previous Pitfall II repair, I was wrong, it was good.Looking at its datasheet, I could figured out how its mute circuit was made:


Checking the 220uF 16V electrolytic capacitor connected to pin 8 of the amplifier gave me a dead short across the terminals.So I desoldered and test it out of circuit having confirm it was really shorted:


Replacing it restored full sound.End of job.

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  1. Hey, just bumped into your blog and have been reading it from page 1 until now. Very well done and well documented repairs. I have dabbled in board repairs and have a few logs out there, but no where near the amount that you have.

    Congrats, and please keep up the good work!

  2. Excellent work as always

    Best Regards


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