Dec 292016

I received a “fully working” Vendetta PCB off of eBay for a reasonable price. Unfortunately when the board showed up, I immediately noticed there was something wrong with the audio. Any time a speech sample tried to play, it sounded like a static explosion! I unfortunately (maybe a good thing lol) did not capture┬áthe ear-splitting bad-audio state with video, but trust me, it was terrible!

Like most audio issues, I started with the basics. The capacitors checked out OK. Since the BGM was fine, I didn’t need to test the FM section of the audio circuit. I tested the Op Amps and observed the audio was bad at this stage as well (so that told me the amplification section of the audio circuit was likely OK).

I did not find a dedicated DAC chip on board, which is likely where the fault was going to be. I did some research and discovered the Konami 053260 IC is responsible for digital analogue conversion (DAC).

I was certain this chip was faulty, however I sadly did not have a donor on hand. After doing some research, it would seem Golfing Greats and Roller Games both have this IC on board, and they are both relatively inexpensive. I found a faulty Roller Games PCB for a reasonable price, and decided to purchase it to use as a donor for my Vendetta. I pulled out the hot air and swapped the IC:


SUCCESS! All audio has been restored and the digital samples are playing crystal clear!

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