Jan 192017

Today we have some new PAL dumps.

Coolmod sent in dumps from a Taito Cameltry PCB, they were obtained from three unsecured PAL16L8, I took care of converting them to GAL16V8 fuse map and he successfully tested them back on board.He sent also a dump of an unsecured GAL22V10 found on the gun I/O board of an Invasion РThe Abductors PCB  ( light gun rail shooter released by Midway in 1999), board was faulty so we assumed this dump as working.Thanks to him for the contribution.

I redumped the PLDs from a Vapor Trail PCB after testing the dumps we had and realized they didn’t work except one.Devices on my board were five secured GAL16V8 labeled by hand¬†from ‘0’ to ‘4’.

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