Mar 092018

The ‘TC0070RGB’ is a 15-bit RGB DAC (5-bit for each color) used in many PCBs from Taito : Rainbow Islands (Normal and Extra version), Bonze Adventure, Cadash, Continental Circuit, Chase HQ, Operation Wolf, Final Blow, Ninja Warriors just to name few.As many custom RGB DAC of its era it comes in SIL package (picture taken from the net) 

I will not go into the technical details since the component has been already analyzed and schematics figured out as well as a reproduction has been excellently realized by Macro (who embedded all logics into two GAL devices) :

Here is how his repro looks like:

What I have done is I simply reproduced the ‘TC0070RGB’ in my way trying to stay as much close as possible to the original design while keeping the same dimensions, color and parts used.The result is quite pleasant:

Testing on a Rainbow Island Extra PCB :

See you all to my next reproduction project!

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  1. Wow Caius! This is amazing job!
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Amazing!

  3. Looks a great job that mate.

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