Nov 092015

I had a spare Sega System16B ROM board type ‘171-5797’.Originally it mounted the E-Swat ROM set but I decided to convert to Golden Axe since I missed this game in my collection :


Atter burning the Golden Axe MAME rom set, I powered the board up and game was fully playable but with a noticeable sprites issue:


Judging from fault, I immediately thought about an addressing trouble of the sprite EPROMs (27C020 devices) so I went to check for continuity of their address lines.They were properly daisy-chained each other but the pin 30 (A17) of all of them was not connected to any pin of the ‘CN2’ interconnect (signal to address lines come from motherboard) :


Lack of signal on this A17 address line was confirmed also by my analog scope (good signal on left, bad on right of the picture below):


So, the trace had to be broken under the ‘CN2’ interconnect.Being not available schematics and wanting to avoid to desolder the whole connector, I soldered the end of a wire to PIN 30 of a sprite EPROM and with the other end I touched each pin of the ‘CN2’ interconnect that gave me no continuity until I hit the right one restoring correct sprites:


Lastly, I made the fix permament holding the wire with some hot glue:


That’s all for today.

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