Jan 312016

Another pcb which was part of the cheap deal.

It was completely dead. Given that it is not an interesting game I was about to use it for spare parts when I asked my friend Caius if he ever repaired a Namco NA-1

He told me he once repaired one with a capacitor connected to the reset circuit of the 68000 which faulty and didn’t produce the reset signal.

I tested mine and to my surprise the reset was stuck low.

I changed the capacitor smd 22uF @C5 with one 1uF which I had available and the game booted.

Unfortunately the sound was completely missing, so I probed with my portable amplifier some smd capacitors which are know to be leaking very easily and I found one which interrupted the sound to the main ampli.

After changing it, the sound was very low with lot of background noise.

To end a long story short, I recapped many small smd caps with new ones and restored full volume.

This is a common problem with Namco NA-1 pcbs

Foto 30-01-16 21 58 07

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